My name is Louise Croker, using a blend of Reiki, counselling, and spiritual practices I have been helping people through depression, grief, pain and anxiety for over 17 years; my work is gentle and powerful, with my clients experiencing:

  • reduced physical and psychological stress
  • reduction in both physical and emotion pain and symptoms in conditions of chronic and acute illness
  • increased feelings of relaxation and ability to cope
  • increased clarity of mind and reduction of chaotic thinking
  • support through grieving
  • reduced anxiety and increased feelings of self confidence
  • increased feelings of well being

At The Wilga Tree I support women (and men) experiencing grief, anxiety and depression to feel amazing about their life again, I also work with those who are experiencing pain and illness to feel stronger, more able to cope, and to create a positive mindset for healing.

For those awakening and moving in their spiritual life, I provide support for growth and connection through groups, Reiki training, courses and an online community of Loving spiritual journeyers.

Based in the Illawarra on the NSW South Coast, I offer a lifetime of spiritual journeying and seventeen years as a Reiki practitioner, providing a compassionate, empathetic, non judgmental and safe environment for healing.

The Wilga tree is native to Australia and provides support in times of trouble and spiritual growth. Used by Australia's First Nation peoples as a source of medicine, for the relief of pain, and in ceremony, the tree's shade also provides protection in the harsh Australian environment.

Come sit, heal, learn and grow under the The Wilga Tree.