My name is Louise Croker, owner and founder of The Wilga Tree. I help people heal through their experiences of depression, grief, pain and anxiety using Reiki, a gentle and powerful energy healing practice, along with a sprinkling of counselling and spiritual guidance.

I have been helping people build stronger and healthier lives for over 17 years, with my clients experiencing:

  • reduced physical and psychological distress
  • reduction in both physical and emotional pain
  • increased feelings of relaxation
  • increased clarity of mind
  • support through grieving
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased ability to cope in day to day life
  • increased feelings of self confidence
  • increased feelings of well being
  • a deeper sense of spiritual wellbeing and connection

For those awakening and moving in their spiritual life, I provide support for growth and connection through groups, Reiki training, courses and an online community of Loving spiritual journeyers.

Based in the Illawarra on the NSW South Coast, I offer a lifetime of spiritual journeying, seventeen years as a Reiki practitioner, and 30 years as a community worker, providing a compassionate, empathetic, non judgmental and safe environment for healing.

Why did I choose the name The Wilga Tree?

The Wilga tree is native to NSW, Australia and provides support in times of trouble and spiritual growth. Used by Australia's Aboriginal people as a source of medicine, for the relief of pain, and in ceremony, the tree's shade also provides protection in the harsh Australian environment.

Please come sit, heal, learn and grow under the The Wilga Tree.

What people say...

Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and beauty. You have helped me so much in my healing and development. You speak from your heart and have held space for each of us. I will miss our weekly 'learning reiki', but will take a lot away with me. Thank you for you. I am grateful to have found you. Michele, Figtree

Louise has provided for me a safe and healing relationship where I have felt comfortable to share my greatest vulnerabilities. The growth I have experienced through receiving Reiki alongside counselling from Louise has been remarkable. I highly recommend Louise as a healer on many levels she is both very compassionate and understanding.  Alison, Barrack Heights

Louise is one of the few true healers I have come across. Her passion for working and helping, not only people, but also animals is truly beautiful. Thank you Louise for sharing your light with the rest of the world. Monica, The Enchantress Apothecary, Adelaide


Hours & Info

Monday | 9.00am to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 8.00pm
Thursday | 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Friday | 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Saturday | 8.00am to 4.30pm

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