My story

I would suggest my story is not much different from most westerners, I come from a very white Australian cultural background. However, I had three significant blessings growing up that impacted my story as I grew:

  • I grew up in small country villages in New South Wales, South Australia and in the United Kingdom
  • My mother worked with and for Aboriginal people on the South Coast of NSW
  • I saw dead people

Each of these blessings has profoundly influenced my perceptions of the world and grounded me not only in the present moment and nature, but into a realisation of things beyond what exists within my own personal bubble of life. Here in Australia we are profoundly impacted by the nature of the land and how we have and continue to engage with the Traditional Custodians of this land. It shapes us, and our responses into the future will continue to shape how we move forward as individuals and as a country.

I am and always have been a healer, my childhood saw me nurturing animals and during my young adulthood I developed a longing to heal a broken world. Through my training and career I sought to heal the mind, now as I grow into the maturity of my years, I seek to heal the heart and soul.

As far back as I can remember I have been able to sense and communicate with those who have passed over, and this is a powerful gift that I still use today to help in my healing practice.


Who am I?

I am a woman growing into my maturity, I live near Wollongong on the NSW South Coast, a beautiful place that has always been home to me no matter where I have lived or traveled. I have a young son and a dog called Spot, both of whom are the delights of my heart.

I meditate, engage in my Reiki practice and incorporate a little Qi gong and other energy work each day. I love animals and the bush and try to bush walk and camp a little when I can. The arts are important in my life and I treasure the gift of creativity as both an outcome and a process. Creativity is a gift of hope for better things in the future.


How can I help you?

My goal is to help you connect to your highest and best self, I do this through my energy work, using the practice of Reiki, a Japanese Buddhist understanding of energy and spirituality. This work effects everyone a little differently as it is guided by your own inner knowledge of what is needed for your healing, however it is deeply relaxing, calming and gentle.

I will also provide you with a safe, judgement free, ethical and caring space in which this work can take place.


How did I get here?

After leaving high school and taking a gap year, I went to university and received a Bachelor of Arts in Welfare Studies. Fast forward a few decades and I now have 30 years working within the community services industry in Australia. During these years I have worked in a variety of roles, both paid and volunteer, supporting people through hardship and pain.

These years also saw me seeking spiritual teaching, attending workshops and courses, reading and putting into practice what I had learned. My approach to enlightenment and awakening of the heart has always included walking my talk. If I can’t walk what I know, then I don’t know with my soul, I only believe with my mind. Reiki above all things enabled me to connect the dots between my healing work and walking as my true self.

At this point I would like to note that spirituality is different for everyone and Reiki is inclusive and embracing of whatever faith or spiritual path that you walk (PS I have even taught a quantum physicist)

Prior to 2002 I had never heard of Reiki, I first heard the word spoken when my spiritual teacher at the time asked me to join a training session she had planned. I undertook the level one training and over the next two years, level two and level three (master/teacher). I had found my calling, Reiki as a practice and modality called to the healer in me and I have been practicing ever since. I started teaching 7 years later, only after gaining the experience and practice I felt I needed to responsibly and knowledgeably teach others.

After seventeen years of Reiki practice I am still learning more and more with each passing year.

Why should you trust me?

My Reiki experience is backed up by years of training, self healing and self examination, I come to my practice humbly with heart and mind open and aware to my own areas in need of growth and healing. Through my own inner heart work, my training, and decades of experience as a healer and community worker I have the skills needed to support your healing and growth.

I am an accredited Reiki Master/Teacher and Treatment Practitioner with the national body, Reiki Australia, and am bound by their Code of Ethics and ongoing training. My studio is also registered as a certified clinic with this national body.