Holding space for others arises from openness, presence, and Loving connection.

As a facilitator of healing I am committed to authenticity, truth and Love, to personal growth, connection, and awakened consciousness.

I invite you to also commit to your journey of authentic living, whatever that may look like for you and I offer support for your healing, learning and growth.

I have a Bachelor of Arts (Welfare Studies) encompassing psychology and sociology and over thirty years working within the community welfare sector in Australia.

My tertiary and extra study has embraced conflict and behaviour management, counselling, communication, and strategic questioning. My professional experience has provided awareness and skills in Aboriginal culture, working with young people and children, LGBTI community, community development and the arts.

As a volunteer I have worked hundreds of hours on boards of management and committees as well as on the Lifeline crisis phone line.

I have walked a conscious awakening journey since my late teens and have had the privilege of powerful teachers, coaches, and mentors over this time. I have been guided in practices and tools such as; reiki, chakras, crystals, meditation, critical thinking, aromatherapy, pyschic awareness, synchronicities, mindfulness, Christian biblical study, non-duality, and radical gratitude.

I have also trained as a Bowen therapist for small animals and work with animals through my Reiki practice.

I have been practicing Reiki since 2002 and achieved my Master/Teacher level in 2004.

I have been a professional Reiki practitioner since 2011 and have taught Reiki since 2013. I have a wide range of experience with Reiki clients, working with people on their physical, emotional and soulful journeys.

I have dabbled in writing for many years and enjoy the expression of poetry.

My life experience includes; childhood family breakdown, depression, suicide, relationship breakdown, relationship abuse, marriage, divorce, childbirth, post-natal anxiety, illness including cancer and chronic pain.

I am also a mother, sister, friend and confidant.

I continue in growth and learning, and seek to serve in Loving intention, the evolution of our world.