Stop using spiritual tools to run from your pain

Have you ever left a yoga class, meditation, reiki session or retreat with that calm, at peace and totally ‘Zen’ […]

Its been a big year

Its been a big year, and its seems Australia is going to leave 2019 in a big way, with a […]

I still get Reiki treatments

Did you know, that even after 17 yrs as a Reiki practitioner I still get Reiki treatments for myself? Even […]

Loneliness in the Awakening Journery

One of the things I often hear from clients is, ‘all my family and friends think I’m crazy and I […]

Dancing with trees

It was windy today, the kind of wind where the air is warm, the wind just a degree cooler, the […]

Level I – First Degree – Shoden Training

Reiki Usui Hands on Healing Whether to become a Reiki practitioner or for your own spiritual development, Level I provides […]

The power of surrender

What a start to the year; a super, blue, full moon, meteor showers and a whole lot of crazy on […]

Will Pye

Will Pye is again visiting the Illawarra on the 5, 6 & 7 April 2018. This will be Will’s his […]


Today I sit at my computer at imperfect, perfect peace with myself and the world. Today surrounded by lush green […]