We all have within us the wisdom and the power for our own healing, however life's experiences can obscure this knowing and fill us with self doubt and fear. It is in these times that we need help to find our way again.

I provide one on one sessions that will help you to find your way and reconnect you with your own personal power and resilience.

My sessions will help to:

  • reduce stress
  • increase clarity of mind and reduction of chaotic thinking
  • reduce physical and emotional pain
  • increase feelings of relaxation and ability to cope
  • support you through grieving
  • reduce anxiety and increase feelings of self confidence
  • increase feelings of well being and happiness

Healing is always an inner journey, however that does not mean we have to take it alone.

In a one on one session with me I will use a unique blend of Reiki, counselling, and spiritual teaching that will support you in taking your inner healing journey.

I will support, listen and provide a safe, non judgemental space, as you seek clarity in your life and I will utilise the energy work of Reiki and other spiritual and personal development practices to support your healing and growth.