We all have within us the wisdom and the power for our own healing, but so often we lose sight of what it is we need to bring us safely back to ourselves.

Our ability to access our own inner wisdom is obscured by self doubt and fear, and our power given away to others who we believe know better for us.

Healing is always an inner journey, however that does not mean we have to take it alone, or that we cannot call on the support and resources of others. In a counselling session with me I will hold space for you while you take that journey.

I will support, listen and provide a safe, non judgemental space from which to clear away some of the fog and distortion, as you seek clarity for your life.

I bring to my counselling relevant training and over 30 years of work within the community services sector. You can read more about my background here and read testimonials here.

My work is soulful and wholistic, and offered with an open heart.


Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth. - Bryant McGill