‘Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.’ – Wayne Dyer

The experience of awakening to our true self, our connection to Source, our connection to each other and to all things can be overwhelming and confusing. It can also leave us feeling alone and disconnected from previous support networks. I offer Spiritual Mentoring as a way to find support whilst navigating this new way of being and seeing the world.

I provide a safe, non judgemental space from which to clear away some of the fog and distortion, as you seek clarity and understanding.

If you have been taught Reiki and are finding you would like further teaching or support in developing and deepening your practice I also offer Reiki mentoring.

Both Spiritual and Reiki mentoring are offered as one hour sessions and can be undertaken face to face or via Skype.

You can read more about my background here.