Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that includes wholistic energy based healing. Reiki practitioners facilitate healing, by harmonising the flow of energy within and around the body, and thus moving the heart, body and mind towards health.

During a Reiki session, gentle touch applied using hand placements on the body connects the practitioner with your energy which is encouraged to move towards flow and balance. Many people feel sensations such as; warmth, gentle tingling or waves of light or colour during a Reiki session, and a session will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful.

FAQ Questions:

What will I get out of a Reiki session?

A Reiki session brings with it many of the benefits found through meditation and deep relaxation. Even those who have never  practiced meditation can experience a deeply relaxed state. Often clients experience relief from physical and/or emotional pain, and an increased sense of wellbeing and positivity towards life. Over time, regular Reiki can lead to deep transformative healing and positive life changes.

What is Reiki energy?

Reiki is not itself an energy, Reiki is a practice that teaches awareness and connection with the energy already present everywhere and within everything. Reiki practitioners utilise this connection to assist in encouraging the flow and harmony of this energy allowing the body, heart, mind and soul to find balance and healing.

Can Reiki hurt me?

A Reiki session is not harmful in anyway. For some, discomfort may arise as energies moving towards balance and flow, stimulate old memories, wounds and emotion to surface for clearing and healing.

Will Reiki cure me?

Reiki is not a curative therapy. Reiki moves the body towards energetic balance which allows the heart and mind to move towards healing. In doing so, it makes way for old patterns of thought and behaviour, old wounds and trauma to be released. From this release, healing can take place. Sometimes this emotional, mental and soulful healing can also support physical cure.

What if I am on medication or having other medical treatment?

Reiki does not interfere with other treatments, and works well alongside both complimentary and mainstream medicine.


I am a Master/Teacher Reiki Practitioner accredited with Reiki Australia. The Wilga Tree studio is also accredited through Reiki Australia and meets their requirements for a safe and appropriate healing space.