Reiki Training

Through my Reiki workshops I teach a form of Reiki practice called, Usui Hands on Healing; with focus on spiritual development and self-healing, as well as utilising Reiki as a healing modality.

I provide a healthy and safe environment for sharing and connecting with each other and with the lesson material, whether new to your spiritual or healing journey or well along your path, Reiki will inspire you to go further.

Through Reiki I have experienced:

  • greater peace and harmony
  • physical, mental and emotional healing
  • increased intuitive ability and perception
  • a day to day practice for spiritual awakening
  • greater heart centred connection with others
  • greater sense of wellbeing and purpose in life

To do Reiki training you do not need to have any previous experience in healing work or spiritual awakening. But I do recommend that you have at least one Reiki session prior to starting, this will give a context and understanding to the teachings you will learn.

I teach all three levels of Reiki:

Level I – First Degree – Shoden

First degree Reiki is held over two days, held one or two weeks apart, or as a 5 week course of 2 hour classes.

Whether to become a Reiki practitioner or for your own spiritual development, Level I provides an introduction to the practice of Reiki. Level I prepares you to facilitate healing, as well as providing techniques and understandings for spiritual growth.

While not part of Reiki teaching or its practice, part of this workshop includes discussion of the chakra system.

You will also receive Reiki attunements are part of Level I.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to do Reiki sessions for yourself and others.

Level II – Second Degree – Okuden

Second degree is taught in one day, with a six month break honoured between first and second degree.

Level II Reiki connects you more deeply with your Reiki practice through the three Reiki symbols and becoming increasingly in tune with your own intuition. Distance healing is also discussed and how it is different from hands on healing, along with setting up your own practice.

You will also receive the Reiki II attunement.

Level III – Third Degree – Shinpiden

Third degree is taught over three days across 12 months, one day every four months.

Third degree (Master/Teacher level) is a commitment to diving deeper into your Reiki practice, you will also receive the Reiki III attunements on each day.

  • Day 1, focuses on deep diving into your personal Reiki journey, healing and the 5 Reiki principles
  • Day 2, focuses on teaching and how to do attunements
  • Day 3, consolidates your learning and provides practice and support for your journey.




Upcoming Reiki Training

Level I - Shoden

Wed evenings for 5 weeks
25 July to 22 August 2018
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Alchemy Health, Port Kembla

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