Providing a powerful new way to write, the My Moon Journal connects you with the deep rhythms of your heart, mind, body and soul.

By aligning yourself with the cycles of the moon, the My Moon Journal will:
  • Break you out of the structures of your daily solar calendar
  • Align you with the flow of nature
  • Connect you with the cycles and phases of the moon
  • Help you to hear the rhythm of your soul, and
  • Harness the energy tides for your greatest well-being


Filled with pages to free write and journal, including journaling prompts, the My Moon Journal includes:
  • pages to track the cycles of your mind, emotions and body,
  • review your experience of the previous lunar year
  • set intentions and goals for the coming lunar year, and
  • journal with each of the four key moon phases, New, First Quarter, Full and Last Quarter moons, helping you to harness the positive energies available to you at these times.