Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars, Brian Littrell

The My Moon Journal came about from my desire to journal in time with the rhythms of the moon.

I wondered:

  • What was I experiencing at the times of the full moons?
  • Was there anything I was ready to affirm and embrace at the times of the new moon?
  • How were my body rhythms connected with the phases of the lunar cycle?

I couldn’t find what I needed in the stores so I decided to develop my own, from this the My Moon Journal came to life.

The My Moon Journal contains:

  • the 13 annual lunar cycles each containing the four primary moon phases; New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter and the dates of each.
  • pages for free journaling, allowing you space to write, draw or collage your thoughts, moods, experiences, dreams, feelings and memories.
  • a My Cycle section to track your moods and physical changes throughout each part of the lunar cycle
  • pages for New Moon intention and affirmation setting
  • a page each cycle for Full Moon releasing
  • My Faith sections for recording oracle readings, text from your book of faith, inspirational quotes or any other images or text that supports your spiritual journey
  • a section for your Lunar New Year annual review and reflection
  • and much more…

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