2020 My Moon Journal


Get in touch with the deep rhythms of the your heart, mind, body and soul by journaling with the 2020 My Moon Journal. This journal provides a powerful way to align yourself with the annual and monthly cycles of the moon, providing guidance and templates for each of the 13 annual lunar cycles.

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The My Moon Journal contains:

  • the 13 annual lunar cycles each containing the four primary moon phases; New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter,
  • pages for free journaling, allowing you space to write, draw or collage your thoughts, moods, experiences, dreams, feelings and memories,
  • a My Cycle section to track your moods and physical changes throughout each part of the lunar cycle,
  • pages for New Moon intention and affirmation setting,
  • pages for Full Moon releasing,
  • My Faith sections for recording oracle readings, text from your book of faith, inspirational quotes or any other images or text that supports your spiritual journey, and
  • a section for your Lunar New Year annual review and reflection.

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