Reiki for Animals


Reiki for animals is also offered through The Wilga Tree.

I have a long history living and working with animals, having enjoyed the company of numerous animal companions. I have also undertaken preliminary studies in vet nursing and animal naturopathy, and am a certified small animal Bowen Therapist.

Animal Reiki sessions are undertaken at the animals home and vary between hands on Reiki and Reiki undertaken from a distance. Reiki with animals is very much guided by the animal and their circumstances, sessions can vary greatly from just 15mins through to 1 hour or more.

As with humans Reiki works with the subtle energy systems promoting flow and balance and providing a environment for healing, it is usually a deeply relaxing experience with most animals entering a calm and peaceful state.  

For further information about Reiki healing please read more here

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What people say...


What an amazing first session, both my dogs are enjoying a relaxed and calm afternoon. Louise was definitely very tuned into both dogs, I highly recommend her to anyone. Michelle, Mittagong

From what I have seen, I have no hesitation in recommending Louise and her Reiki to aid in the rehabilitation process for injured animals. Dave, Kiama