What a start to the year; a super, blue, full moon, meteor showers and a whole lot of crazy on the international stage.

How are you finding the energy shifts and changes that seem to have become the norm of late?

I have been experiencing these shifts to be aligning beautifully with my daily meditation, reiki and conscious healing practices, and leading me to greater physical clearing and cleansing. I am also experiencing this physically, as a number of  physical health issues arise to clean out old energies and allow the new to emerge. This is not without its challenges and I am grateful that I am lovingly supported and held by friends and family.

While my body is experiencing its challenges, my Reiki practice and ability to hold space for healing is growing deeper and more connected every day as I surrender to what is, and allow its processes and learnings to take place.

The circumstances through which we are given the opportunity to grow are rarely our choice and are often experiences which involve mental and/or physical pain. We can often feel we are stuck and have no choices over what is happening, and spiral into a pattern of resistance and suffering. While we may not have choices over what is happening, we always have choices as to whether or not, and how much we experience suffering.

Suffering arises when we wish for circumstances to be other than what they are, focusing all our attention on what we want things to be, rather than seeing things for what they are. When we release the requirement for something to be other than what it is and surrender to that, we let go of suffering. This may not mean our circumstances change immediately, but it does open the door for our own perceptions of the situation to change.

When our perceptions shift so to do our, emotions, decisions and actions, when these things change, so to can our circumstances.

All this from one act of surrender.

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